Vow Renewals:

All marriages go through changes and sometimes turbulent times. Marriage are about growth change and development and sometimes it is nice to stop and reflect on the journey and what you have achieved together as a couple and a family and what you are still looking forward to. Demonstrate the strength of your love and commitment to each other once more in the presence of those you most cherish. 

There are many different symbolic rituals that can be used to demonstrate the strength of your bond.  Family members can be invited to take part in a Handfasting Ceremony by helping to create and tie the cords or by the lighting of the candles in a Unity Candle Ceremony.

Your personal words and that you have written to each other will reflect the journey you have taken together.

Your existing rings can be warmed with the blessings of your family and guests or you may decide to exchange new rings for this occasion which also can be warmed and blessed.

£550 to include initial meeting, all email correspondence, writing of the service and exchange of drafts, officiating at your ceremony, and travel costs up to 40 miles. For any mileage over 40 miles, 45p per mile will be charged.


Pippa Hamilton
07717 500 838